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In Florida, mold can threaten you and your family's health if untreated, so we advise everyone to take mold remediation seriously. On the surface, it seems easy to clean away mold when in fact it takes much more to combat mold and fungus. 


Some things to consider when dealing with a home infested with mold:

  • In just a few days (sometimes in just 24 hours), mold can start to grow after water damage.
  • Once mold and fungi appear, it's possible full replacement or repair is needed, so it's important to act quickly as soon as mold appearance. 
  • People with asthma, elderly and children may develop reactions to mold. 
  • If your floor is wet or flooded, consider that metal surfaces may cause rust which can damage your furniture very easily. 
  • Paint blisters, plaster dissolves, and wall-coverings adhesives begin to release when mold becomes a serious problem.  
  • Within weeks, mold can sink into materials, destroying jute backings, paper covering on sheetrock, paneling, wood & other materials. 





"They did a great job and tested everything to make sure everything was perfectly dry before
removing the machines."


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Pembroke Pines, FL


"Couldn't ask for better quality service. The came, did what was expected and left. That's my kind of
service. They insist on you to call about anything and they've always gotten back to me before the day was over."

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Miami, FL

"Everything went smoothly, profesional and courteous personell who where easy to trust. Home left
better than before. "


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Doral, FL


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